Irumudi Kattunera Guidelines

Dear Swami’s,

Due to COVID-19 pandemic and for everyone’s safety and health, 2021 NJABM Yaatra – Irumudi Kattu will be through Virtual/Remote Assistance. Click here for Instructions

Following are the instructions/guidelines ONLY regarding in-person Kattunera if it happens at any Temple,

Items for all Swami’s to bring on Kattunera day from their house:

  1. Swami’s who have their old irumudi bags and can use it, I request them to bring with it. We have limited New irumudi bags with us for all the new swami’s. To avoid last minute rush, get your old irumudibags, if you have it. Wash the old bags (Irumudi Bags and all small bags, and hand bags).
  2. Get some rice in a ziplog bag for your family persons to put in your Irumudi bag.
  3. Traditionally, we break coconut before leaving the house and head towards temple, without seeing the house after breaking the coconut. Here breaking the coconut is not followed due to some community restrictions and other factors. Instead, perform regular pooja at home, show Karpoora(Camphor) Aarthi to Ayyappa and show the same Aarthi in front of your main door and leave the house, without seeing back. Do not talk to family members until you leave.
  4. Get your sleeping bag/comforter for the night stay. Do not bring thick or big ones as we may not be able to carry in the vans. We need space in the bus for irumudi and personal bags
  5. Get very minimum required personal items in a bag – maximum 1 per person only. Minimum items –
  • ToothPaste
  • brush
  • Travel soap
  • 1 or 2 Bath towel ( Bring empty plastic covers to carry back wet clothes)
  • A Spare dress set to use –Possibility of snow showers in weekend at Lanham, MD
  • 1 Black/blue Dhothi + 1 black/blue towel (if you have already received from us)  – Please wash it if you are using it- To wear on Makara Jothi day
  • 1 Black/blue Dhothi + 1 black/blue towel – to wear on Irumudi day. Please bring your own set.
  • Kanni Swami’s – Girl Swamis can wear black/blue/yellow skirts, pants, tops, shirts preferred on both the days. If not regular dress is ok. I request Parent swami’s to reserve a black/blue dress set for Makara Jothi day.
  • Winter Jackets/Sweater/Gloves/Caps/Socks – as required
  • Shoe is permissible to wear for the journey – except on Temple premises and except when you have irumudi on your head.

2019 Yaatra Itinerary:

Dec 26, 2019 Wed – Kattunera Day

  • 8:00AM:  Irumudi Preparation and Ghee Coconut Filling
  • 2:00PM:  Journey to Maryland Start
  • 9:00PM: Reaching Lanham, Maryland for night stay

Dec 27, 2019 Thur – Dharshan day

  • 7:30AM:  Journey Start to Temple
  • 8:00AM:  Reach Temple – SSVT  –
  • 8:15AM:  Katunera Puja in Lanham, MD for other incoming swami’s
  • 8:30AM:  Preparation and Climbing Holysteps
  • 10:00AM: Ayyappa Abhishekam
  • 1:00PM:  Lunch
  • 2:00PM:  Return Journey back
  • 7:00PM:  Arriving at Bridgewater Temple
  • 8:30PM: Return Home after Bridgewater Temple Puja

If you have any specific question regardin the Yaatra please send an email to –

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